Who We Are

Emily Ruth Cohen, Strong-minded expert

“For years I’ve wanted to get all my smart, amazing, creative clients and colleagues in one room to swap stories, share advice and discuss best practices. Finally I’ve found a partner who can help me realize this vision. I can’t wait!”

Emily has been a consultant to creative professionals for over 20 years providing confidential, best-practice insights and advice on staff, client, and process-management strategies, conducting client surveys and writing winning proposals, creative briefs, and contracts. She served as Secretary for the AIGA/NY Board of Directors and has taught classes and conducted seminars for many leading design schools and organizations. Emily is a frequently-requested speaker on business-related issues for the creative industry and has spoken at numerous conferences and events sponsored by AIGA, HOW, Design Business Association in London (DBA), The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD) and Design Management Institute (DMI). She also currently teaches professional practices to BFA Design students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Learn more at www.emilycohen.com

Sheri L Koetting, Detail-driven practitioner

“I love running a design business but I also know how tough it can be. Keeping a creative edge while being mindful of the traditional rules of business poses some big challenges. I’ve been looking for a forum that addresses these issues and I think with Evolve we’re onto something great. I’m looking forward to the conversation we’re starting here.”

Sheri is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of MSLK, a marketing and design agency based in New York City since 1998. Before taking on the challenge of running her own design business, she honed her craft at several award-winning agencies including TODA, Pentagram, Two Twelve Associates and Gensler. Passionate about elevating the design profession, Sheri is a frequent speaker, moderator, and co-founder of Spark Design Professionals, an organization dedicated to educating creative business owners on best practices. For more about Sheri visit www.mslk.com