What others have said

“Since Evolve, I have evolved my company positioning and capabilities presentation. I shifted the brand strategy and concept development work we have always done into a defined offering we now talk about and charge as a separate deliverable. The thinking triggered by the Evolve Symposium led me to put words around something that was nebulous before, helping me describe a key difference between us and competitors.”
– Cynthia Sterling, Sterling Creativeworks

“Since Evolve, I created a more transparent work environment, renegotiated client contracts to better suit my firm, redeveloped our new business presentation, and have been more focused on landing new clients that take my firm where I want it to be.”
– Kelly McMurray, 2communique

“Our heads are still bubbling from the symposium. We’re trying our best to pin down four or five key points we can carry through with us and actually make part of our routine. That said, we really enjoyed the conference… equally as useful to hear experts speak, as it was to meet so many people in our position. We look forward to next year.”
– Sam Rogers and Stuart Eckersley, Rogers Eckersley Design (New York, NY)

“Looking back, I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a productive conference experience. Considering the price, that’s a huge win. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about it, and I’m excited to see things shifting already. Just my success in using case studies in two new business meetings in the past week has been amazing.”
– Sean Wilkinson, Might and Main (Portland, MA)

“Really felt like hearing other stories both positive and negative gave me a bit of confidence but also a lot more maturity about how our company can be managed and pushed forward and some ideas that can be implemented straight away.”
– Dusty Summers, The Heads of State (Philadelphia, PA)

“Thank you again for a wonderful 2-day symposium. It was great to get away from the office and connect with like-minded designers.”
– Taja Dockendorf, Pulp+Wire (Portland, MA)

“A lot of what was covered (even what I’ve heard from Emily before) I’d like to hear every two months to get it burned into my brain. Really useful.”
– Adam Brodsley, Volume (San Francisco, CA)

“It was a great conference. Amy and compiled our notes into action steps and are very excited to start putting into practice some of the things that we knew but needed someone else to say, and some of the new ideas that we would never have thought of on our own.”
– Ben Jura, Elements Design (Branford, CT)

“Thanks for putting the conference together! It was very insightful. We’ve already changed how we deal with clients and projects based on your collective wisdom.”
– Florian Fangohr, fangohr, llc (Brooklyn, NY)

“Evolve was wonderful. I’ve returned to the studio full of energy and enthusiasm for the next year. I’ve already downloaded the presentations and started pouring over them with my partner. Good stuff.”
– Dawn Putney, Creative Toolbox (Fort Collins, CO)

“It was such a fun event. We’ve already turned down 4 clients since.:)”
– Bobby Martin, The Original Champions of Design (New York, NY)

“I really enjoyed Evolve, it was great getting to meet and know my peers. It was perfect timing for me, as I think about how I want run and grow my firm. I definitely want to participate in anything you have in the future.”
– Chad Cheek, Elephant in the Room (Winston-Salem, NC)

“Loved Evolve! Learned great strategies and it was wonderful meeting other principals. I now connect monthly with a colleague I met there to stay on point with the things we discussed.”
— Jeanine Davis, JL Davis Design (New York, NY)

“Evolve Symposium is a rare opportunity to learn and exchange best business practices, guided by two insightful individuals. Not only is it a great place to engage with like-minded design professionals but more so build professional relationships for future collaborations.”
— Julie Kremkus, S T U D I O J A S (Los Angeles, CA)